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Let's Build a Better Ruby ChatOps Bot

A little over a year ago I built a neat little chatops bot using as the foundation. Along the way I cleaned up some some, and improved some stuff.

Less than two months ago, Ruby saw a major release that gave us some great new features, including some better builtin mechanisms to handle concurrency.

While this quarter is already half over (how did that happen!?), I have set myself a goal of forking lita, and reworking some core parts of the codebase to both improve some things about it internally, and to make good use of the Ruby 3.0 improvements. If possible, I will contribute these changes back into the main Lita repository.

One of the fun features of my previous work was a module for the chat engine that hooked into an instance of

I'd like to explore how to expand this work to utilize GPT-2 within the chatops bot, though I do not have any particularly specific plan in this regard. It may just be used to provide interesting responses if nothing else in the bot knows how to handle a request. I guess we will figure that out together

I will be streaming this work on Twitch at

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