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Discussion on: Twitch EventSub - The Direct Approach To Getting Started With It

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Kirk Haines Author

Sorry to be so slow to respond to this. I have been traveling, and my best intentions to reply keep getting derailed.

So, the code examples are actually written in the Crystal ( language, both because I enjoy that language, and because I think that the intention of the code underlying it is as clear with Crystal as with any other language that I might use.

That code in step 5 is expected to be part of the code that handles the HTTP callback from Twitch that it sends in order to complete the process.

You can see the current complete Crystal implementation of the code that the example in the article was taken from on GitHub here:

Hopefully that code is readable enough to follow what is going on, even if you aren't familiar with Crystal or Ruby, but feel free to ask more questions either here on on the GitHub Repo if there is anything that I can help with.