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Covid Battle

What I built

Covid Battle is a RPG game and a bot for Streamers. You can play a Covid RPG with your viewers, and show the cases and recoveries cases of Covid19 in any country.

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Out of this World

App Link

The app can be run only locally because it uses OBS overlay to show Covid's life and Covid Alert and it's repository is here


Covid RPG Overlay
Covid Alert Overlay


The app developed is called CovidBattle and it's goal is to battle against Covid19 in a fun way. CovidBattle has two features: RPG and Covid Alert.


When the game starts, players have 40 seconds to join, having to chose being a Doctor, Nurse or a Scientist. After this, the game starts at players round.

Players has three commands to use:

  1. - !attack | Covid will be attacked, taking a variable level of damage.
  2. - !vaccine | Covid will be attacked, taking a variable level damage and also bonus damages. Can be used for Doctors and Scientists once in the match.
  3. - !alcohol | The player enter in a defense position, taking less damage from Covid.
  4. - !cure | The player can try to cure another infected person who is no longer in the game. People with Doctor or Scientist classes can use this command once in the match, while people with Nurse class can use this command several times.

After players round, the Covid round will start. And all players will be attacked, taking damage and also having the risk of getting infected. The game ends when Covid is destructed or when all players are infected.

Covid Alert

Users from chat, at any moment can use the command !covid followed by a two-letter country code, to show an alert in the screen and in the chat, with Covid cases and recoveries at the specified country.

user: !covid es
bot: country ES have 3,107,172 Covid cases with 150,376 recovered cases
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Link to Source Code

Source Code Link

Permissive License

The project are under the MIT License


This project was created to help streamers to aware their audience about Covid19 risks in a funny way, by playing a RPG game, and also showing data about Covid19 in any country. I believe that the awareness created by this project could be important and helpful in decreasing Covid19 cases all over the world.

How I built it

It was built using NodeJS and New Relic's solutions were helpful to check the time of each request, the use of memory/cpu, and the duration of the bot run time. All of these parameters are very good to let you know if the code is running slowly or fast, or if it's consuming much memory, etc.

The data from Covid Battle's New Relic it's like this:

Covid Battle New Relic Data 01
Covid Battle New Relic Data 02

Additional Resources/Info

More information about the application is here in the screencast of this application

In the process of building my “Out of this World” app, here’s what I learned about observability and technology in the fight against climate change…

I've learn how to use New Relic and see the inside of my app working in real time and also what to do with all the data observed regarding the improvement of the app's features.

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