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Tom Reifenberg
Tom Reifenberg

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Hack the Planet! (with your plate)

What I built

A straightforward app providing access to plant-based dining options and outlining the necessity of this food system shift to combat climate change.

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Out of This World!

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This app details the importance of plant-based eating in the face of climate change, with resources to help visitors.

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I am a strong believer in solving many issues with singular, simple solutions; finding more effective ways to increase plant-based consumption will drive down environmental impacts, reduce animal suffering, protect the most vulnerable communities, and ultimately bring about a more equitable world. I hope this app, as simple as it is, will help some folks see how easy it is to support plant-based systems in their hometowns.

How I built it

A simple Angular app, utilizing New Relic to assess overall health / possible conflicts while building; mainly integrated with application initially and used to observe interactions on New Relic site.

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In the process of building my “Out of this World” app, here’s what I learned about observability and technology in the fight against climate change…

We often consider so many other variables when it comes to climate change; fossil fuels, manufacturing, and most every form of transportation come under fire (justifiably) for their contributions to the situation we're in. What is often ignored, however, is the impact of animal agriculture on our climate; being one of the leading causes of deforestation, the leading source of water pollution, and contributing as much to atmospheric pollution as all forms of transportation combined, it's no wonder the University of Oxford's study of agriculture found that switching to a plant-based diet is one of the most significant individual contributions one can make to staving off the climate crisis while we move to renewable energy sources.

While we can make simple changes in our personal lives to have outsized impacts on the world around us, making use of observability platforms like New Relic will become increasingly crucial to effectively monitor the unpredictable impacts of climate change on our planet; as ice caps melt, forests are razed, and once in a lifetime weather events happen seasonally, we need adaptive sources of truth where we can see data, connect it to the real world, and plot a course for these terrifying impacts to subside.

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