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What did you learn this week? 04/23/21

Happy Friday friends!

Today I am announcing this fun idea I had: Learn & Share, a weekly check-in to share what we learned this week!

Nothing is too big or too small.

It can be about programming, content creation or even life in general, like this week I learned that my family is at least 30 million years old ! I wonder when we started going to space...

The earliest pelican fossil on record is a 30-million-year-old skull
that was found in the Oligocene deposits of France. Paleontologists
have also uncovered younger material from places like Germany, India,
Kenya, Peru, Australia, and North Carolina.

A Pelican family

Your turn now!

What did you learn this week and want to share with us?
I will be here eating my baguels, researching about Pelicans and space and waiting for you to comment, no pressure!

Cover Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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Kirk Haines

I learned Poverty Point, an archaeological site that appears to be the site of a very large, enduring archaic Native American city (possibly the earliest such in North American), has a number of surprising features that are forcing archaeologists to rethink many things that they thought that they knew about archaic Native Americans.

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Pachi πŸͺ (she/her/ela)

I learned that I am a great MC for online events! πŸŽ‰