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If you could travel now, where would you go ?

Hello everyone!

I just came back for vacations, and it was super nice. We just went to a little beach town not to far from us and honestly most of the time we just chilled on the hotel room.
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And that is why I ask, where would you like to go?
While I have been dreaming of Japan forever, if I could go anywhere now, it would be to Brazil to eat delicious food and be with my family <3

How about you, where would you go?

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Chris Sean πŸͺ


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Kirk Haines

Europe, in general. So many reasons. So much to do. And still currently pretty inaccessible because of COVID and just general slowness in getting vaccinations into arms over there.

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Mia Moore

I miss Japan and New Zealand SO much! But like you, I miss my family a lot too, even though they are a lot closer than Brazil.