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Freshly Baked Badges!

Hey folks!

Just a quick announcement to let y'all know that we've officially awarded our Hack the Planet 2021 badges. Also, as of today, we've given out the Founding Member badge to our first 100 active members on The Relicans.

We'll take a look at each badge below...


Founding Member

Quite a few of you will have received our Founding Member badge today! This badge is given to the first 100 "active" users on The Relicans. We define "active" as someone who has commented, posted, or left a reaction on another user's content.

So, if this describes you, you should the following badge on your profile page:

Founding Member badge

Hack the Planet 2021

Now that the hackathon is officially over, winners chosen, and prizes have been gifted, that last thing left to do was to gift all you awesome participants badges to show our gratitude.

Everyone who took part should've received the participant badge here:

Participant badge

And a special congrats to the winners who each earned an exclusive badge for the category that they individually won:

New Year, New Resources: @anabella

New Year, New Resources badge

Science and Observation: @leviarista

Science & Observation badge

Out of this World: @csjohn1

Out of this World badge

Team Member

Aside from the badges above, you also may occasionally see a Team Member badge pinned to a user's profile. This simply means that the user is part of The Relicans team.

The badge looks like the following:

Team Member badge

That's All For Now!

Stay tuned for future #announcements!

That's all folks

Discussion (5)

jpbrab0 profile image
João Pedro Resende

The founding member badge is awesome!! Thanks for the badge!

xomiamoore profile image
Mia Moore

I love these badges! Woo woo!

pachicodes profile image
Pachi 🪐 (she/her/ela)

I love them <3
Too bad I will never have the Hackthon ones :p

eduardoklosowski profile image
Eduardo Klosowski

Thanks for the founding member badge.

realchrissean profile image
Chris Sean 🪐