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Hack The Planet: Covid-19 Email Updates

What I built

I built a small Express app to send daily email updates about Covid-19 in your state using data from The COVID Tracking Project

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Screenshot of the email sign up page
Screenshot of the email sign up success page
Screenshot of the email update

New Relic dashboard:
Screenshot of the browser application New Relic dashboard
Screenshot of the Node VM New Relic dashboard


Covid-19 Email Updates is a website where you can sign up for daily email updates about Covid-19 in your state. The updates include data for new tests, new cases, current hospitalizations, and new deaths retrieved from The COVID Tracking Project

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I built this particular app to automate receiving updates about Covid-19 for my state. This issue had been coming up where I would want to see daily updates for my state but would like to receive the updates via email rather than go look for updates at the end of the day.

My vision for this project is to allow people to consistently be updated about how Covid-19 is progressing in their state.
Now with tracking for test cases and hospitalization, the hope is that these updates will give confidence that Covid-19 is being handled well in their state.

When vaccination data is made available, that data can also be added to these daily updates. Hopefully, that data can provide the much-needed relief people need at this time.

How I built it

I built this app by using the Express generator to generate a starting point for this small node server. I used Express views written in Pug and using Tailwind CSS for styling.

The features of New Relic I utilized when creating this project were:

These tools provide confidence that the application is performing well in production. The tools would also help me pinpoint performance issues when those arise.

Additional Resources/Info

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