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When would you consider yourself a successful developer?

realchrissean profile image Chris Sean πŸͺ ・1 min read

I feel that I'd be considered a successful developer when everyone in my family is financially taken cared of and I am still able to make investments in my business, 40k1, roth ira and etc.

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Tom Martin

Interesting question! I for one consider a person to be successful when they initially get paid to do what they want to do. Even if it is entry-level development, if it's what you want to do, then you are there.

You can always continue to learn and grow to become a stronger developer, which will eventually get you to a point of having the ability to make investments, etc.

I think of it like what is the definition of a professional athlete, and I set that definition to be; getting paid to play your sport.

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Captain Ellie

I consider myself pretty successful, because I can have any bagel I want at anytime. #goals