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How I Almost Quit Every Single Day

There are days when I start to question myself for doing the things that I love. One day, I am motivated and put so much effort to achieve my goal. However, with just a snap of a finger, I start feeling low – wanting to give up and quit everything. I know that this is a very important topic. It is not only me who experience this but everyone, even if others don’t realize it. 
The first reason why we experience this is because of our expectations. Whenever we give our best, we always aspire to do good and achieve a great result. Personally, I would spend more than 20 hours putting my best effort to film and edit a video. I think that it would be a hit since I gave my all to do it. However, as time starts to pass, my expectations failed to translate into reality. I failed to achieve it. I now start to question myself why I am still continuing. Due to my failures, I wanted to stop doing it and quit. 
I know that we all have different goals in life. But we are all the same when we face a little bump and hindrance in our life. For weeks or even years, you strive so hard to tell yourself you can do it. You spend the time to learn a new skill or acquire new knowledge. But when we fail to meet our expectation that we put to ourselves, we quit and forget everything that we started. 
Aside from expectations, doubts will always be there. Fear starts to come in. When people ask me how not to give up, I tell people what to do. I tell them that things are really supposed to be hard. I give them tips on how they shouldn’t be discouraged by their fear. To be honest, I still experience the same. But remember, things are supposed to be hard. When we start something, the difficulty is always lingering around. Whatever you are doing, doubts will always be there. When we think of it, keep in mind that fear is not a fact. It will only become one if we limit ourselves and give up! 
So, if you are to ask me how I should face my fears, here are some of the things that I personally apply to my life:

Just Start Doing

For everyone, starting is the most difficult part of a task. Whether it is a business, job, article, or even a homework, we always have a fear to start. I question myself why would I still do it if I will just fail. I also think why would I begin if I would only make errors and make my life difficult. These are the difficulties we face whenever we want to start something. Instead of doing, we start to think of new ways that prevent us from starting.
When we think too much, we fail to take a step forward and start. Let us remember that everything starts with a zero. Thinking too much – that you have to do this or you need to have something first leads us to failure. Stop thinking too much and start doing. Do not be scared of failure. Even if something fails, do something else. You learn something from it that could help you be better and stronger. 
If Things are too Difficult for You, Ask Help from Others. 
For whatever we do, there is just too much that we need to accomplish. I personally experience setting up a Shopify store and having merchandise to help me with my branding. And to tell you, I ask others to help me design my shirts and paid them.
Ask for help if you think you can’t do it. Remember that you are not alone from your journey. Some people have the expertise and experience to help you. Never stress yourself to do something that would only take too much of your time. 

Keep on Being Inspired 

Having a difficult journey could stress and tire you out. I remember the importance of having someone to keep me motivated. He tells me that I can do such things whenever I am on the verge of giving up. Having a mentor or someone to rely on really helps boost the energy to not give up.
Keep in mind that there are people who would cheer for you. Others even made it through the same path that you are currently taking. They were able to do it, and you can too. Focus on your goals and get inspired by others, that’s how you can do well. 

Change the Mindset and Your Struggles into Strength

Whenever fear and doubts start to set in, I start looking into the things that I think I do not have. I think that being a college dropout, I can never succeed. I am Asian, never the best, and was even bullied. But that doesn’t define who I am. I am more than just what I used to be. I am more capable and I am stronger since I turned my struggles into my strength. And you are no different from me. Whatever you think is limiting you today could bring you a step forward in the future. It is all about changing our mindset and starting again when we fail. 
We would always feel like we want to give up. Even after achieving things, new struggles and challenges will come in our way. This is a continuous process that we experience in our life. But you must always remember to go on and fight. 
Instead, try to remember your goal and the reason why you wanted to start. Your fear shouldn’t define you. You are more than what you think of yourself. Failure would only be there when you decided to quit and stop. Remember that one day, you will finally get there and thank yourself for holding on and not giving up. 

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