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How to Not Destroy Your Co-Worker’s Open-Source Project

The Junior DevRel Dilemma

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Don’t go into Developer Relations before you have “actual” developer experience, they said. You’re only making your first years in tech more “difficult”, they said. You still owe us a lot of money, my parents said.

As I began my job search, I was highly advised to not go into Developer Relations. Why? As a junior, there are some growing pains, a “rite of passage,” that developers must go through to earn street cred amongst the developer community. By skipping this time-honored custom, I’m missing out on that gut-twisting feeling of dropping the production database or forgetting to make a new branch and contributing to main. This is why this quarter, I plan on contributing to a large production Rails Application. During the next six weeks, I will not only contribute to Hunters Keepers but I will stream alongside its creator, and my mentor, ChaelCodes!

Hunters Keepers is a management tool for the role-playing game Monster of the Week. I will not only learn how this game is played (lol) but also how to level up as a junior engineer in a large codebase. I want to treat this quarter as if I’m onboarding as a day-to-day software developer. I will be pairing, struggling, asking questions, Googling, Googling again, and having “Aha!” moments all while streaming. It may seem small but I’ve put so much work into learning how to code I’ll be taking every chance I get to celebrate my wins also! Pushed some code? Thumbs up. Fixed a bug? High-five to myself. Didn’t destroy my co-worker’s open source project? I’m hitting the dance floor.

The project is written in Ruby on Rails, has a PostgreSQL Database, and Vue on the Front End. We use Code Climate for continuous integration and deployment, and the app is hosted on Heroku. Monitoring and observability is handled by New Relic. I have also volunteered as tribute in case we have any Docker tickets at the top of the backlog🥲.

Catch ChaelCodes and me on Twitch every Tuesday at 1 pm EST pair programming on HuntersKeepers. Follow me at MuyDanny!

Hopefully, Chael doesn’t fire me at the end of this.

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ChaelCodes • Edited on

Welp. It was fun while it lasted. 3 weeks?
Jk. I merged it, not your fault.

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Danny Ramos Author


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Pachi 🪐 (she/her/ela)

You can do it Danny!!!
You won't get fired!!!