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⚡ Rishabh Singh
⚡ Rishabh Singh

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COVID Tracker

What I built

Covid Pandemic has taken over our world like nothing else ever did. In such situations, it's really important to stay informed and well protected. Every day new trends keep showing up & keeping track of them gets difficult especially when there are so many covid trackers out there.

This tracker is designed with keeping high fidelity design and simplicity in mind. You take care of your self and leave everything on us.

Powered by Standard Covid API, you can get real-time info in just a few clicks with interactive graphs.

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It is for the category Science and Observation

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New Relic One Dashboard:
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A simple web project I have built which displays the updated information regarding COVID. The information it displays are:

  • Total Cases
  • New Cases
  • Total Deaths
  • New Deaths
  • Total Recovered
  • Active Cases
  • Critical Cases
  • Affected Countries

The information is fetched through an API.

Link to Source Code

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COVID had a huge impact on our planet. And it was really important to stay updated with accurate info all the time. It was difficult & a bit cluttered to find the info you were looking for on the web. Currently, it only has a very basic functionality & hence I am looking forward to improving it over time and add new smart features.

How I built it

I am using the APM Service which provides me with important info about my project performance and helps me to plan necessary optimizations to improve the overall performance of my project. It helps me to obtain useful info like traffic, transaction time as well as it's response time.

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Suraj Vishwakarma

A great website to get all the covid related data.

Nice graph too.