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VicTrees ⚔️ Fight Deforestation Victoriously

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What I built

Hack the Planet gave a heartfelt message to us as citizens of Malaysia, home to at least 20% of the world’s known animal species and biodiversity.

The VicTrees app was built by Victress Coders, 5 female software Bootcamp graduates in Malaysia. With our newly acquired skills, we want to combat deforestation and help the earth recover to a time when trees were abundant - in a victorious way!

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Watch a screencast of VicTrees

1. Landing page
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2. Forest Watch
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3. Take Action
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4. Sustainable Marketplace
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5. Quiz
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6. Contact Us
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1. Landing page
We wanted to make the landing page interactive and fun. The coordinates of critically endangered species were marked on the 3D globe to raise awareness of deforestation and its adverse effects. We challenge you to spot an orangutan on the globe! 🦧

2. Forest Watch
The Forest Watch feature offers the latest data about tree coverage. It sources real-time data from research-backed Global Forest Watch (GFW) API. There are over 100 global and local data sets on conservation and land use and are widely used by research, forest enforcement and responsible investing. Most importantly, the users are educated on the connection between deforestation and climate change by analysing the global forest change.

3. Take Action
The endangered species are shown as animal markers on the map where users can click to learn more, volunteer or donate to the respective organisation. This encourages user participation to combat deforestation in three different ways.

4. Sustainable Marketplace
Think of it like a “green” Instagram shop. The Shop Sustainably feature shows a collection of hand-curated sustainable products sold by vendors. We recognise there will be late adopters of VicTrees, this feature was built to incentivise users to follow, like, share and eventually shop sustainably.

5. Quiz
Alongside a National Geographic video, there are 10 questions for users to solidify their understanding of deforestation and climate change.

6. Contact Us
If the user knows of any organization that supports plant and animal conservation, we will add it to the map if it meets the requirement. Send us a message too if you liked what we’ve built!

Link to Source Code

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VicTrees is an extension of an application called Infinity - a 3D and interactive educational platform that delivers holistic learning about the Solar System using NASA API. In addition to implementing New Relic, we have added a few climate-centric features such as the Forest Watch, Take Action and Sustainable Marketplace.

Raising awareness is important but causing user action will bring us closer to reducing the deforestation rate with the aim of minimising the effects of climate change.

VicTrees was designed to create awareness and actionable steps for global users who are in different stages of technology adoption and varying awareness levels about deforestation.

To take this app to the next level, we envision working with international vendors and stakeholders to build our own API to provide an index of green vendors who comply with internationally benchmarked environment, social and governance (ESG) standards.

How I built it

As the app was deployed on Heroku, we’ve installed New Relic APM on the platform as an add-on. The configuration and set up were seamless hence we had more time for app optimisation.

We used the APM dashboard to provide real-time insights on web transactions and throughput as the users interact with the app.

Alt Text
Alt Text

  • Web transactions monitoring like request queue and response time were vital for a customer-centric application like VicTrees.
  • When we beta-tested VicTrees, the throughput was particularly helpful to measure the requests made per minute.

With observability at glance, APM enables us to refine our app that improves usability and user experience.

Additional Resources/Info

Get in touch with the Victress Coders 🦸‍♀️

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Abhishek Sisodiya

quite an interesting app. I loved the Forest Watch feature.

lilliantoh profile image
LillianToh Author

Thanks Abhishek! :) we thought it was a really cool tool too. Glad you loved it!