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Ecological Statistics in Peru 🌎🍃📈🦙

What I built

I have built a website that using open data shows different statistics about ecological resources and climate change in Peru. It also lists some solutions and initiatives we can get involved in to combat these problems.

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Science and Observation

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Eco Stats Perú is a website aims to list solutions and show data that raise awareness about how Peruvians are influencing our environment, how we impact its resources and how we influence climate change, based on open data.

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Participating in volunteering I have been able to notice that not many people in Peru are aware of the ecological wealth that we have and of how we are damaging our environment with actions that apparently do not have much importance, but that in reality these are added to the climate change that we are experiencing.

So I think that this website can be a starting point to show the information and the initiatives with which we can deal with this situation.

How I built it

I added the site as a browser app.

Thus, I have been able to monitor site views, loading times, site statistics, user statistics, etc.

I've customized my own dashboards, created alert policies, and added additional views such as the geographic display (Geo), the Page View Map, and the GitHub Repo display.

I have also configured domain and segment conditions for site tracking.

Additional Resources/Info

This website has been created using ReactJS and Apache ECharts.

The data has been consumed from the open API of The Wolrd Bank Data.

It has been deployed on Netlify and uses New Relic for analytics and observability.

If you are Peruvian and you know about the subject, I invite and encourage you to contribute to the project

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This is amazing! I loved the design, it's simple and cute, yet attractive. It's so nice to see such a well crafted project, and, as a south-American myself, proud to have more representation amongst the winners <3 Congratulations!!!

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Leví Arista Author

Thank youuu very much Anabella!!
Congrats to you too. I saw your project and I like it.
Give me those 5 🖐️

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🖐️ Yeaaah 🇵🇪🇦🇷❤️