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Climate dashboard: my submission for the New Relic hackathon

What I built

I built a Climate Dashboard which gives the user an in-depth view of the historical climate change data with respect to c02 concentration, fossil fuel pollution, sea levels, glacier mass shift. Along with that, the dashboard also provides visibility over all the weather events happening around the world at the moment using NASA's event API and provides map visualization for the same!

The App also urges the users to take steps to reverse climate change.

Category Submission:

Science and Observation

App Link


NASA events API list
Alt Text

Map view of an event
Alt Text

C02 concentration data from two popular studies
Alt Text

Carbon emission data by countries
Alt Text

Sea level & glacier mass
Alt Text

Green check API
Alt Text

My role page
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With this application, I have tried to implement a complete dashboard that provides observability over climate factors. Then, we also get to see the current impact of that in terms of the global natural weather anomalies that are happening around the planet. And lastly, we check out the steps that can be taken to counter those.

While these are all the features I have implemented, I might tweak them a bit before the final submission.

Link to Source Code

The project is hosted on Github as a public repository: Github link

Permissive License

The repository has been uploaded under MIT license.


As humans, we are data-driven individuals. It's quite easy for a rational human to agree to something that is being said if that is backed with proper and valid data points. This is why I built the climate dashboard. It's high-time right now that we take steps in the direction to reverse climate change by planting more trees, checking back on our carbon footprint, etc. But the motivation to follow all these steps only comes once we understand the gravity of the situation. And hence, the dashboard.
It first plots several years of co2 ppm data, fossil fuel usage data and then urges the user to take a few steps in the direction of starting to reverse the trend. I have explained all this in detail in the walkthrough screencast video below. Please check it out.

How I built it

I integrated New Relic into the node backend layer to gain observability over the different types of failure cases. And also get real-time insights through the alert conditions. The features that I found myself referring to, throughout the period of development were:

  • Looking at the appdex score to check the app health
  • Look at the transaction details like error/ time taken
  • setup alert condition on overall app health
  • setup alert condition on the specific key transactions that I saw failed most of the time. The vide below goes into more details about the New Relic features that were used. Please check it out. πŸ‘‡πŸΎ

Walkthrough screencast video

Additional Resources/Info

Here are the sources that I used for implementing the dashboard:

  • Climate change data from datahub
  • Green check api link
  • NASA events api link

Thanks for reading the article. Do visit the site and check it out.
Here is the link.

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