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Discussion on: Welcome to the Relicans Community!

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Joshua Anderson

Hi all!

I'm Josh and I'm a robot technician at Starship Technologies. It's a very weird job as I'm basically a mechanic but for 6 wheeled robots that deliver food for universities :D.

Aside from that, I've started a journey of becoming a web developer and have been watching Chris Sean's youtube channel for a while now, which led me here! Thank you, Chris. I'm currently taking the front-end web dev track at treehouse. Looking forward to browsing The Relicans. Cheers!

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Mia Moore

Welcome Josh! That's such a cool job! How do you like the courses on Treehouse?

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Aisha Blake

That sounds like a super interesting role. How cool, though, that you're expanding your skillset! I've been very impressed by how kind and supportive the folks coming in from Chris' community have been. Welcome!

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