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WorldTrees - Realtime World Trees Counter

What I built

WorldTrees - Realtime World Trees Counter

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A website to provide real-time data about estimated how many trees out there on this Earth

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Before I create this app, I wonder how many trees on Earth right now. After I look on the internet, I can't find the recently updated data about it. So I decided to create this app and make it real-time!
I believe if we know how many trees out there, it will make us appreciate the trees more and can be prepared for the future. If we know when trees will be run out from this Earth, we can prevent it!

How I built it

I got the forest area data from worldbank. After the data downloaded by internal API, I calculate the total trees and cut down rate every day with a self-made algorithm. And then I run the Cron for updating tree cut down every second and broadcast it through Socket to make it real-time to all clients.

Tech Stack:

  • - This is the main technology to make real-time data.
  • Cron - For updating total tree on the database and broadcast it through socket.
  • Next.js - The main framework of this app.
  • New Relic - For monitoring the app.

The dashboard on New Relic is very useful for monitoring my app. With APM I can see the error events, client network requests, server health, and many more.
Video how I utilize New Relic

Additional Resources/Info

Save the trees :)

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