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Announcing... Error in Prod - A Fun Introduction to DevOps

DevOps as a field is intimidating because of its high learning curve and general complexity, and when you search for more information you’re inundated with results for corporate webinars, jargon-filled tutorials, and complex diagrams.

That’s why New Relic is excited to partner with Bit Project, a tech education nonprofit, to introduce DevOps to students through an immersive learning experience called Error in Prod. The first workshop simulates a real-life on-call scenario for a site reliability engineer.

Leveraging New Relic, students will navigate through various simulated scenarios ranging from database outages to javascript errors to find and debug errors in production. Through the misguided adventures of D. Bug, the fictional villainous hacker infiltrating our simulated app, students will experience analyzing distributed traces, infrastructure data, and workloads through the New Relic UI.

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 1.18.11 PM (1)

A screenshot of a student finding the villainous D.Bug through New Relic Browser.

The workshop is developed by college and high school students around the world, working together remotely to find creative ways to make DevOps accessible.

"I had so much fun developing the workshop with students around the world - working together to make something as complex as DevOps easier to understand for students."
Daniela Puchal, Student Developer from Bit Project

For many of the students who worked on this project, developing Error in Prod was their first foray into the field of DevOps.

“It was super cool to look under the hood of large, full-stack applications. It really put in perspective the different challenges apps at scale face compared to the apps we are developing as students.“

Simrah Shaik, Student Developer from Bit Project

As a workshop built for students, by students, we are super excited to make DevOps a field more welcoming and accessible to students starting their developer journey.

At the end of each workshop, students will get a chance to compete for prizes on a scavenger hunt for issues affecting the performance of the deployed application.

At FutureHack, students will have a chance to compete for 2 Apple Watches and a Nintendo Switch for having the best dashboard, as well as finishing the challenge the fastest.

We hope that you will join us during the live premiere of this workshop at FutureHack, a 24-hour hackathon experience at FutureStack 2021! We are excited to announce two live sessions

📅 Tuesday, May 25, 2021 @ 1:00 PM PDT
📅 Tuesday, May 25, 2021 @ 5:00 PM PDT

We can’t wait to see you there and get your help catching the elusive D. Bug!

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Mia Moore

I wish I was a student, this looks so cool!!

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Danny Ramos

Daniel blessing the future!