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Bikes, Buses, Scooters Galore!

What I built

Presented here is an alternative transportation application that aggregates electric scooters, electric bikes and bus route information in the city of Portland, OR. The app aims to reduce barriers to the public for usage of non-automobile options.

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New Year, New Resources

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Showing the initial response after a user submits a location.

A zoomed in view.

Trimet Details


This alternative transportation aggregating application allows a user to sign up then input a description of their location. In response, locations of alternative transportation will be displayed on a map. Users can also save 3 locations for fast access in the future. After a users finds the source of transportation they desire, the user can click the links in the legend to open the corresponding providers' iPhone app to reserve their ride. If a user clicks a Trimet icon on the map, the user will navigate to a details page displaying the next bus arrival time at the stop clicked and a route map.

This application was the first React app built by a team of 3 during a one-week sprint at Alchemy Code Lab 2 months into the program.

Link to Source Code

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FE -

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This app helps reduce the number of automobile trips by enabling users to find multiple sources of alternative transportation on one app versus navigating 4 separate apps. The app aims to reduce barriers for usage of non-automobile options.

How I built it

While still learning the New Relic One product, the installation guide for a Node.JS backend was very helpful. An interesting dashboard was the visualization of the endpoint performance and usage.

Additional Resources/Info

Scooter/Bike/Bus data is live and coming from the following sources:

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