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Clean the Air πŸƒ App to monitoring air quality around the world

What I built

Clean the air is a Hack the Planet 2021 open source project for visualizing air quality data because everyone should have access to this data and clean air.

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Science and Observation

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Home page - Description of the problem

Home page

Measurements page - Air quality information

Air quality fine particles PM2.5

Air quality fine particles PM10


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The purpose of this project is to raise awareness about the effects of air pollution, the impacts on our health and the environment. 90% of the world's population breathes highly polluted air and kills an estimated 7 million people each year.

Is time to change that, you can contribute with little but important changes in your life, like using sustainable public transportations.

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Poor air quality is one of the largest public health threats of our time. Air pollution is the 4th largest risk factor to human health on the planet. According to the World Health Organization, more than 90% of the world breathes unhealthy air, and air pollution disproportionately affects those in developing countries.

While air pollution poses one of the largest public health burdens on the planet, it is completely solvable. Cities across the world, from Bangkok to London to Pittsburgh, have created powerful examples of how air pollution can be tackled.

One common lesson from nearly every community that has successfully battled air pollution: Communities need basic access to data to effect change.

Sharing this information helps scientists or developers to create solutions for the environment, everyone needs to have access to this information and know if your city needs interventions for improving air quality, and finally, with this information raise awareness and change daily routines which impact air quality.

How I built it

The application is built with Nodejs, it exposes an API and the React app consumes it for visualizing the air quality information filtered by country, city, locations, and parameters like PM2.5 particles.

The application gets the data from the Openaq API.

NewRelic APM helped me instantly detect anomalies
Set up New Relic Alerts for detecting fluctuations in my application.

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