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Earthenco - The AIR Lighthouse

Hemanth Krishna
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What I built

Earthecon is a one stop Air Observability lighthouse that lets you observe CO2, SO3, NH3 and much more in your location and at many others!

Earthenco aims to spread awareness about Air Pollution and other fine particles that you are surrounded by.

How does this motivate one to save the environment?
Highly Polluted cities have a bigger marking, and if one does job such as planting a plant and reducing air pollution, they can come back after few months to checkout if their activity helped them to save the planet!

Category Submission:

Science and Observation, simply because EarthEnco observes the following in real time!

  • CO2
  • NO2
  • O3
  • Fine Particle
  • Coarse Particle
  • SO2 (all values in ug/m3)

App Link -

Here is a quick screencast and walkthrough!



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New Relic


The Problem

  • Air Pollution is something that we humans have not paid attention to
  • Various chemical production and unregulated pollution destroy's our environment

The Solution

  • An Air Pollution lighthouse tool that is powered by OpenSource data tells you about the fine particles that you are surrounded in real time!

  • This will help motivate one to do good to their planet by encouraging them to plant more trees to see that ridiculously high value go down!

  • Earthenco also provides great insight on what kind of pollutant is prevalent in an area and helps identify and optimise the source of pollution.

Link to Source Code

GitHub logo DarthBenro008 / earthenco

An Air Pollution Observability Lighthouse


Header Image

One stop observability centre to battle Air Pollution!

The Problem

  • Air Pollution is something that we humans have not paid attention to
  • Various chemical production and unregulated pollution destroy's our environment

What is Earthenco?

Earthenco is a one-stop "Observability" center where you can view various Air Particle data of anyplace anytime!

Earthenco aims to spread awareness about Air Pollution and recommned what plants you could plant to make your environment healthier.


git clone
cd earthenco
npm install
npm start

Sample .env file

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  • React
  • OpenWeather API
  • BigData ReverseGeoCoding API


👨‍💻 Hemanth Krishna @DarthBenro008

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Permissive License

Copyright 2021 Hemanth Krishna

Licensed under MIT License :


(Why this particular app? Share some more background about how you envision this app helping the fight against the effects of climate change.)

I live in a third world country, where dust and air pollution is heavily prevalent, I noticed that the normal people do not notice how many pollutant surround them everyday!

Hence my idea was to create a Lighthouse for air pollution that can spread awareness and report pollutants in real time!

How would this help fight against of climate change?

  • Motivating people to reduce Carbon Emission
  • Helping people identify what kind of emission of pollutant is taking place at a certain place and let them optimise the production of the pollutant.

Reduction of such emission will contribute to the healing effects of the climate and prevent the drastic change!

How I built it

I utilised the APM Tool of NewRelicOne which was absolutely easy to implement and setup!

As I am using three.js models to create those graphic heavy animations and renders which is enabled in using react, NewRelicOne helped me realise where to optimise my application and where all my users were facing errors.

I was able to rectify and optimise deployments better with the APM Tool of NewRelicOne which was a smooth process to integrate with SinglePageApplication.

NewRelicOne also helped me optimise OpenWeather API Calls, as there was a small issue where the request were being sent twice for a click, would not have noticed it, if not for NewRelicOne!

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