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Pavan Chilukuri • Edited on

I'm working on hello-world application from New Relic Docs. I ran into this issue where when I'm making a change to nr1.json file to change the app display name, below error appears. I have to stop the server and re run it to make it work.
Could anyone please help?

✖  Error: Something went wrong while parsing /apps/nr-app/nerdlets/nr-app-nerdlet/nr1.json

TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined
at Artifact.get id [as id] (/usr/local/lib/newrelic-cli/node_modules/@datanerd/3pp-cli-nerdpack-common/models/Artifact.js:75:33)
at artifacts.find (/usr/local/lib/newrelic-cli/node_modules/@datanerd/3pp-cli-nerdpack/src/build/BuildManager.js:216:67)
at Array.find (<anonymous>)
at FSWatcher.watcher.on (/usr/local/lib/newrelic-cli/node_modules/@datanerd/3pp-cli-nerdpack/src/build/BuildManager.js:215:51)
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Captain Ellie Author

Can you share your nr1.json as a snippet or link to it in git?