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Worker Risk And Covid Impact

What I built

I build an interactive application that educates us about the risk of Covid-19 for various classes of workers and the number of workers doing that job. The application enables us to learn about workers who are at a higher risk for catching covid-19 in an interactive, visual experience.

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Science and Observation: COVID-19 Worker Risk

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(Why this particular app? Share some more background about how you envision this app helping the fight against the effects of climate change.)
The reason I chose this application was that I wanted to educate the people around us that different jobs have different risk factors for different types of work and not only Health care workers but Fast Food Chain Employees, Cashiers, Operating Workers are at higher risk of catching the infection.

How I built it

The project is built with reactjs with the help of chartjs library for the slider chart and d3 for the world Map component.
I wanted the project to give an engaging experience. Slider Component was challenging to build and was also the most fin component. It was pleasing how the chart moves in an animated manner when we change parameters for the worker risk chart

New Relic Browser Application Tool:
The great aspect of it was it helps me know about JS Errors which are of immense importance in making the app robust. Also, the time spent by users and pageview is of immense help for imroving the User Experience

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Note: The data for the application was from Covid 19 API and O*NET Database (Department of Labor)

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