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What are some of your fav resources?

chaelcodes profile image ChaelCodes ・1 min read

Have you ever read a blog post that instantly cleared up a concept? Or is there a reference that you're constantly looking up again? I have a couple, what are yours?

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Eduardo Klosowski

I like the organization of the python documentation, is simple to find the content I want after some time using it. And is very complete, with library documentation, syntax, lexical analysis, and how embed too.

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Kirk Haines

I am also pretty fond of the Crystal API documentation:

All of the core language API is accessible (and documentation in this format can be made for anyone's code, just by using the crystal docs command), but what is really a compelling feature for me is how the generated documentation links each feature back to a view of the code that implements it on whatever version control system the code is homed at.

This makes it very accessible to not only read how a feature works, but to click and see details about how it is implemented. It is very nice when digging into a feature, and I wish that Ruby's official docs would level up to a feature like this instead of just embedding a snippet as can be seen here:

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Kirk Haines

When working with PostgreSQL, I generally consult the core documentation:

It is readily searchable, easy to consume, and I really appreciate how each PG version is accessible from the interface. So, if I do a Google search for something, and land on a page for a different version of PG than what I am using, I can just click on the version that I am using, and I will get version relevant documentation for the feature that I am looking up.

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ChaelCodes Author

I reference this blog on how to update in Rails all the time, just for the table at the top. I also love css-tricks guide to flex box.

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Mia Moore

I have referred to this interactive CSS cheat sheet so often!