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Podcast Page in Jekyll

I'm recording some lovely podcasts on, but it's hard to keep track of them, and promote them. They're on different sites, and what if someone asks me to be on a podcast? Let's build a drop-dead gorgeous page on my portfolio to display them.


type-on-strap portfolio page

Page Layout

I want something gorgeous and filled with content, and I think the portfolio page is what I'm looking for. In the first article, I mentioned picking the type-on-strap theme, and it definitely delivers here.

According to the docs, we need to:

  1. Create a collection called podcasts
  2. Create a podcast page that includes portfolio.html
  3. Modify Portfolio.html to accept a collection that defaults to portfolio <- pass podcasts to it
  4. Secondary modification - remove the relative url reference on url.
  5. Steal Mandy's lovely images from Twitter. Lovely image that Mandy Moore created of my podcast with Sarah Withee

Hopefully at this point, it'll just be me filling in data for different podcasts.


New Podcast Page #24


closes #5

Create a new podcast page that will display all the podcasts.

Description of Changes

  • Refactored portfolio to accept a collection instead of assuming portfolio as collection
  • created a new podcast page that passes podcast data to portfolio.



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Mia Moore • Edited on

Me, a month ago on stream: I don't want to build my own portfolio site, I have no desire to code that from scratch

Me, reading this: Um... but look how cool Chael's site is on Jekyll

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ChaelCodes Author

DO IT! I will help. Co-stream! Plus, you can follow the exact same progression. Jekyll on GitHub Pages -> Jekyll deployed through a GitHub Action. This site could be yours!