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Rachael streams programming games and open-source on Twitch. She's been a professional dev since 2012, 3x Team Lead, and currently, she works as a Developer Relations Engineer for New Relic.


BS in IT (Software Dev)


Sr. Developer Relations Engineer at New Relic

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Upgrade Your Rubies!

Thanks Kirk!

Relicans Summer Camp Week 1: Video Week

I'll release mine Thursday or Friday! What's the deadline? I'...

What did you learn this week? 06/04/21

I learned that grep means Globally search a Regular Expressio...

Collection of GitHub Octocats for your profile

Where'd these all come from? GitHub or independent artists?

Welcome to the Relicans Community!

That's really cool! I see you want to be an open-source contr...

What does your Workspace setup looks like?

I love yours! So nice!

whats your morning routing?

I have a morning routine, but I rarely stick to it. Step ...

Let's Talk About Concurrency

I'm looking forward to the practical examples!

The Invisible Zoom Streaming method

I'm so glad you like it!

Tabs or Spaces?

Tabs Allow users to determine what spacing they wa...

Jekyll Talks Page

Thanks for catching that! I fixed it.

What did you learn this week? 05/14/21

I am so proud of you! Let's keep the trend going!

What was your first hobby or interest?


What was your first hobby or interest?

I used to write poems and stories. I actually won a statewide...

Do you have any games on your phone?

I have a separate phone for mobile games. I have merge mansio...

You can not hug an infinity

I love this. The idea of hugging infinity, and focusing only ...

What are your favorite VScode extensions and why?

Live share is a bit buggy, but when it works, it's amazing!

What are your favorite VScode extensions and why?

Oh yeah!!! I use this one daily. I forgot it was an extension!

What are your favorite VScode extensions and why?

I loved ruby-test-explorer. It's actually the plugin that con...

Sadistic Self-Care Survival Game

We built this! It lives at

What are you reading right now?

I'm enjoying the Rust book. It's very thorough. How's Game Pr...

What are you reading right now?

That's a very... strange... choice. You said you don't know w...

What are you reading right now?

LORE OLYMPUS!!! Yes! Book 1 is coming out in October. I alrea...

Level up with The Relicans at FutureStack

I'm really looking forward to the arcade and talking about Do...

How I monitor my blog

That's interesting. I never would've thought about monitoring...

Shuffling Complexity – The Yellow Bricks are Made of Pain with Jeff Smith

This title is amazing.

Useful resources to learn more about Agile and Scrum

I really like Atlassian's playbooks! They were really helpful...

What are some of your fav resources?

I reference this blog on how to update in Rails all the time,...

Podcast Page in Jekyll

DO IT! I will help. Co-stream! Plus, you can follow the exact...

Light mode or Dark Mode?

I like Dark Mode, especially when I'm streaming, because I do...

What are you listening to while you code/work?

I like to listen to LoFi Pretzel Rocks when I'm streaming, be...

When did you decide to work with tech?

For me, I started in school. I was majoring in Chemistry whic...

How long have you been coding?

My first job in Software was in May 2012, but I wrote code be...

Welcome to the Relicans Community!


How to Not Destroy Your Co-Worker’s Open-Source Project

Welp. It was fun while it lasted. 3 weeks? Jk. I merged it,...