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What Do You Use to Edit Your Code, and What is One Thing You Love About It?

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Everyone has opinions about the editors that they use when writing, or when editing code. And sometimes, even seasoned veterans of a particular piece of software are unaware of small features or gems of functionality.

So, in the interest of education and sharing, what do you tend to use the most when editing code or writing, and what is one feature about it that you love, or that just makes you smile every time you experience it?

I will go first. Overall, I tend to use VS Code the majority of the time these days. I use it primarily because the plugin ecosystem, while arguably kind of a mess, also means that VS Code is delivers a pretty good experience with every language that I code in, though I still prefer RubyMine for doing significant, dedicated Ruby work, and I do still use Vim almost as much as VS Code.

My favorite feature about all three of those editors is the same thing -- I can install and use a font that supports ligatures, like Meslo or FiraCode, to make my code, in any language, look better while I edit it.

So, what do you use? What do you love? Why? What's one great feature that it has?

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Eduardo Klosowski

I use vim from long time, and now I use vscode, but eventually open vim on vscode terminal, or use sed for edit files with regex.

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Pachi πŸͺ (she/her/ela)

I use VScode and I love all the cute themes out there LOL

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Jonan Scheffler

Definitely Vim. There was a bit of a learning curve but I remember being at least as fast in Vim as I was in the GUI editors in about 2 weeks. Then much, much faster. My favorite feature is that it's everywhere. I can SSH into a machine, install Vim, git pull my public config and have a full featured editor in about a minute.

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Ederson Ferreira

I use NeoVim to edit code and text, because NeoVim can provide fast text jumps, macros, and a lot of nice plugins.

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Aisha Blake

Oh, I've not heard of this one before! Thanks for sharing!