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What did you learn this week? 06/04/21


Did you miss me last week?
Future Stack was fun but busy, so last Friday we rested :)
bears chilling ans waving

But today I am back with my very favorite question:

What did you learn this week?

As always, it can be anything you find interesting or are proud of, I am all ears. Or eyes, since I will be reading your answers πŸ‘€

I go first...

This week I learned about the different pride flags, there were so many I didn't know about! πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

I also learned how to install PHP on my laptop 🐘

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Rachael Wright-Munn

I recorded a Polyglot podcast with Casey Dement, chief architect from my last company, and he said, "To be a successful architect, you need to learn to tell the difference between different and wrong." That blew my mind! So many developer arguments ended with one quote.

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I learned that grep means Globally search a Regular Expression and Print!

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Pachi πŸͺ (she/her/ela)

I learned that I shouldn't schedule more than 2 podcasts/ guests stream on the same day haha