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Bobby Iliev 🌳🌲
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Hackathon Submission: Climate Clock Discussions

What I built

Together with Alex and Tony we have built a Climate Clock Community App where you and your community could work on climate tasks together and spread climate awareness and follow the Deadline we must achieve zero carbon emissions in!

Category Submission:

Science and Observation

App Link

You can find a demo of the app here:

Climate Clock Community


Landing Page:

Climate Clock Discussions

Registration Form:

Registration form

Discussion board:

Discussion board

Climate Clock Integration:

Climate Clock Integration

Community tasks:

Community tasks

Community Announcements:

Community Announcements

New Relic APM:


About Climate Clock Discussions:

ClimateClock Discussions is an open-source self-hosted climate community discussions forum solution.

A climate community is a group of people who are on a mission to complete a common climate goal. Your team is your community, and this self-hosted solution will empower you to achieve great things!

Link to Source Code

Permissive License

MIT License


As a person with a SysAdmin background, I've been using New Relic for a long time so I was really excited when I saw the great initiative with DEV!

We believe that it is important that people with a common goal have a place where they could share ideas and things that they are working on to help with climate change!

This is why we decided to create the Climate Clock Community Dashboard open-source App!

How I built it

Climate Clock Discussions uses New Relic APM to monitor the server status and gather data.

  • Additional Resources/Info

The tools which we've used so far are:

Design Tool: Tails
Backend: Laravel
Scaffolding: Laravel Jetstream and Guild
Frontend Stack: TailwindCSS & Laravel Livewire
Climate Clock Integration

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Alex Georgiev

Hello there, Bobby! This is a really interesting project that people can implement in many other topics as well! Great work! Kudos to your team!

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Bobby Iliev 🌳🌲 Author

Thank you for your contributions too! πŸ™Œ