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Tell others what you've done for the world with ChangeTheClimate

What I built

I build, which is a website that allows you to share whatever you did for the betterment of the environment and to combat climate change. It's like twitter, but it promotes world health!

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New year, new resources!

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This app helps people to collaborate with each other to save the world! It encourages everyone to "compete" with one other to do tasks that help combat climate change.

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MIT License


This was originally going to be a twitter clone, for practice, but once I heard about the New Relic Competition, I decided to refactor this app to make it based around climate change. Now, the app allows you to share whatever you've done for the betterment of this world and to combat climate change instead of being pointless.

How I built it

I utilised New Relic's performance graphs to make my app faster, and I used their database tools to get the fastest provider for my PostgreSQL database.

My Techstack:

  1. Backend
  2. Language: Python
  3. Framework: Flask
  4. Database: PostgreSQL
  5. Database 2: Redis

  6. Frontend

  7. Language: Typescript

  8. Framework: Svelte with Sapper

  9. Database: Redis

  10. DevOPS/Deploy

  11. Server: Ubuntu Linux 20.04

  12. Service: Caprover

  13. Monitoring and Analytics: NewRelic One

Additional Resources/Info

In the process of building my “Out of this World” app, here’s what I learned about observability and technology in the fight against climate change…

I learned that Social Media is a very good place to breed competitiveness. Social media encourages people to compete against each other for things that did not matter, but this app encourages people to compete to save the world!

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I saw your other posts and I think this one might be my favourite! Just a suggestion but update the UI a bit to make it more modern looking