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Collaborate with others to decontaminate the earth!

What I built

I build collaborate and decontaminate, which is a live chat platform that allows you to chat with others and collaborate with them to save the earth!

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Out of this world

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This webapp is a live chat platform, similar to Omegle, where you can chat with another user on this app, and both of you can come together and collaborate to decontaminate this earth!

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Permissive License

MIT License


I made this app because people do more when they're together. If there's someone else helping them, they won't procrastinate. This app allows people to collaborate using chat and decontaminate the earth

How I built it

New Relic was a big help to me. It helped make my app faster, and allowed me to improve it.

My Techstack:

  1. Backend
  2. Language: Typescript
  3. Framework: Express
  4. Database: PostgreSQL
  5. Database 2: Redis

  6. Frontend

  7. Language: Typescript

  8. Framework: Svelte

  9. DevOPS/Deploy

  10. Server: Ubuntu Linux 20.04

  11. Service: Caprover

  12. Monitoring and Analytics: NewRelic One


  • Service: Vercel
  • Monitoring and Analytics: NewRelic Pro+SPA

Additional Resources/Info

In the process of building my “Out of this World” app, here’s what I learned about observability and technology in the fight against climate change…

Since we have destroyed the earth, it is up to us to heal it. The main cause of global warming and climate change is pollution. I made this app, which allows people to collaborate together and reduce pollution by planting trees, raising awareness, etc. Technology is a God send when it comes to stuff like this, because it helps us connect with others, to collaborate with them and make proper plans.

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That's pretty cool! I like the chatting feature