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Extricate- Food Wastage App

What I built

Extricate is an app that helps in food wastage. How? Many restaurants cook food in excess and by end of the day, all this food is wasted. Instead, Extricate allows restaurants/users to sell out this food for a cheaper price or for free at all. The best part is none of this food is leftovers, they are excess food. So, users can come and buy/get this food for free and this in a way helps climate change and also is light on users' wallets. Extricate also allows users to go thrift shopping i.e., users can buy groceries and accessories at a cheaper rate. These are products that are about to expire but haven't yet reached their expiry date. Don't worry, Extricate doesn't allow users to sell out expired products, all the products and items are at least a month right before they expire. Users can also sell off or giveaway such items on the app.

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P.S. The app is an Android app and would only work on Android Devices. In case the above link doesn't work, the apk can be also found here.





Buy Screen

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Food Donate

Food Choice


Extricate is an app that allows users to buy or sell excess food before it is thrown out or become stale. These aren't leftovers, instead are excess food, which makes it 100% fit for consumption. The app also allows users to buy cheap products which are at least a month right before they expire. Users can also have the provision to give out or sell these items and this would avoid a lot of wastage. So why not give them out to the people in need.


  • User can view food right on their main screen. These are divided into categories for better and easy selection choices. The user can check for the available food for that particular day and their price/if they are free. If interested, then the user can get directions to the restaurant with the help of Google Maps. The food choices need not necessarily remain the same daily, depending on the restaurants and what food might go to waste.

  • Users can use the Thrift Shopping feature, in which various Grocery items and Accessories are put out on sale by Supermarket or even personal individuals. These items are not at all expired and are at least a month before they expire. Grocery items may include confectionery, condiments, bread, eggs etc. Accessories could be items like Detergent, Bathroom Kit, Sanitary Kit(for women) etc.

  • Donation. Users can donate/sell their grocery items, or accessories. All they need is to fill in a pickup detail, item name, description, image, and price(if applicable). Once they are done, the item will be available on the Thrift Shopping section.

Link to Source Code


A Flutter app to help wastage of food.

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This app is mainly to avoid food wastage and help climate change. I have personally seen how tons of food items are wasted at restaurants, buffet parties, and all. So why not give them out to a person or a family that might have nothing to eat. This would help reduce wastage and also climate change. How does this affect climate change? When we waste food, we also waste all the energy and water it takes to grow, harvest, transport, and package it. And also if the food goes to a landfill and starts decaying, it produces methane—a greenhouse gas that is much more toxic than CO2. Also, just think about the people who go to sleep without having dinner or lunch. Let's be wise and help them as well and also the environment.

How I built it

I made this Android app using Google's Flutter SDK. I have also used Google Cloud Platform services such as Firebase, Firestore, Google Sign-in, and Google Maps API.
Initially, when I started working on the project, I wasn't aware of the fact that NewRelic had no support on Flutter, hence I decided to use the native Android Kotlin support method but that never worked. So instead I decided to Dockerize my app and then use NewRelic to help me monitor my usage and resources during build, test, and final production. With the help of New Relic, I was able to monitor my app's resources and usage instantly anytime I wanted.

NewRelic Docker

While I was at it, I even saw that I could monitor my GCP integrations and since I was using GCP services, why not. So I used NewRelic to even monitor my Firebase, Firestore, and Firebase Storage as well and I was way too impressed to find all instant API calls, if there were any.

NewRelic GCP

I really loved having to create the app and also learn about NewRelic at the same time, though I however wish NewRelic Support for Flutter came in as soon as possible. I would be continuing to use NewRelic for a longterm now for all my projects.

Additional Resources/Info

In the process of building my “Out of this World” app, here’s what I learned about observability and technology in the fight against climate change, that even the smallest of the smallest contribution can help change the climate. With the help of my app Extricate, we can not only save food but also climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And even if one person decides to do his best, then trust me the change reflected on climate is really visible. And we wouldn't need to leave Earth in a couple of years if we start loving our environment. One thing I learned, is that we are all in this together, no matter what country we hail from or what language we speak, we are all human beings and together we can. NewRelic's monitoring is one of the biggest examples of how we can manage and save our environment. With its continuous monitoring for various platforms right from AWS, to GCP to Kubernetes, NewRelic can use sensor data hosted on these services to let developers know, if hazards like forest fire happen, as the software is continuously monitoring and observing every change detected.

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