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I'm going to build Twitch on Twitch. Come join me!

I've been a fan of the real-time web for an incredibly long time, so when I started to think about what I wanted to build on my stream, I knew it needed to use async Python and probably WebSockets.

But what web application could I build that required real-time and not only was fun to program but was also fun to watch on stream? Another stock ticker just seemed a little too pedestrian.

But what if I built Twitch on Twitch! It has chat, notifications, and most interestingly of all, real-time audio and video streaming! Do I think I'll be able to build everything that Twitch does? No, of course not, but I can build the fun parts (I'm already looking forward to coding my own emote library!)

You're going to build all of Twitch!?

I'm not going to replicate a decade of work by an incredibly talented team working for one of the largest companies in the world by myself, in a few months. I know I'm a total a cop-out. So, what do I hope to code then? The essential functionality I want to cover is; authentication, chat, notifications, video and audio streaming (with OBS/RTMP support), and social graph.

Watch on Twitch

Join me on my Twitch channel aaronbassettdev to see if I manage it. Although I've already completed the most challenging part, I know what I'm going to call it: Quiver.

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